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Vaultera PCI provides secure card tokenisation service and secure vault to ensure your servers don't handle card data.

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We are a proxy service, you have full control to send your card data to any payment gateway or PCI compliant services.

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"The best money I have spent in my life. Now card data is stored and processed offsite with PCI DSS Level 1 Security”.

PCI Easy is super-easy to use, fast, and the support has been great. I couldn't recommend it enough.

Gavin Stevens, CEO of Abode

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Free first 24 Months Card Storage*
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*Each card token has 12 months free storage after creation and we automatically remove it according to the retention policy.
You may store cards longer than 12 months but fees will apply for storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCI Tokenisation?

Essentially it works like a middleman/proxy service. We are in the middle of any transactions that include raw card numbers. So we will tokenise any cards before they hit your servers and de-tokenise when you need to send cards to a 3rd party (Like a Payment Gateway)


How does pricing work?

We charge a flat fee for our services and then a fee per card tokenised or de-tokenised. A tokenised card means we stored a card in our secure vault. All cards have a 12 months free storage and then there will be fees.
You will have full API controls to remove stored cards at any time.


Is Vaultera PCI the best choice for my business?

If you want a PCI service that it is easy to use, loads fast, easy to integrate, then the answer is yes!


How does the setup work?

The first thing you should do is to ask your developer or CTO to review our docs and maybe request a call to go over any questions.

Then we can provide a test key for development, you can test and change your processes around our services. We don't charge any setup fees.

If you receive cards via API we can create the required profiles needed to parse the requests, We provide full support here.

Once everything is working with the test key you can request a production key.


Can you do an enterprise plan?

If you have needs that require better SLA or support, custom pricing or anything bigger than the business plan. Please contact us to let us know what you need. We can provide custom development if required.